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Islamic Studies

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The knowledge of our religion is an important part of being a muslim. Regardless of where you live, knowing the basics of Islam is the duty of all muslims and passing on that knowledge to your children is a responsibility that none of us should take lightly.

A child is most impressionable and absorbs knowledge just as how it is taught. A quote from Al-Ghazali says that a child

 “is a trust (placed by Allah) in the hands of his parents, and his innocent heart is a precious element capable of taking impressions”.

When a child is born, he starts learning about life and everything around him. Information is absorbed like a sponge. This is the best time to teach them about Islam.

Course Outline:

Islamic studies course inculcates all the aspects of the religion including Aqidah, Fiqh, Hadith, and Islamic History. All of these subjects include Quranic references in abundance. Therefore, we also teach Quranic Tafseer to accommodate our students.

  • Aqidah:

Aqidah means a firm determination of mind and heart upon something. It is a doctrine of faith. Aqidah comprises of three major important elements:

  • Metaphysical teachings
  • Doctrinal teachings
  • Philosophical teachings

All these are a part and parcel of Islamic aqidah and we touch upon all these aspects in our Islamic studies course.

  • Fiqh:

Fiqh refers to Islamic jurisprudence. Linguistically, it is an Arabic word that means ‘deep understanding’. Studying fiqh enables you to develop a deeper understanding of Islamic laws. The syllabus is divided into two parts:

  • Fiqh Essentials
  • Advanced topics
  • Hadith:

Hadith refers to the records of the Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (p.b.u.h) sayings and traditions. Our Hadith syllabus covers the essentials such as:

  • 40 Hadith Qudsi
  • 40 Hadith Nabawi

For advanced studies, we also feature hadiths on various topics from books such as:

  • Sahih Bukhari
  • Sahi Muslim
  • Jami` at-Tirmidhi
  • Sunan an-Nasa’i
  • Sunan Ibn Majah
  • Sunan Abi Dawud
  • Riyad as-Salihin
  • Islamic History:

 Islam has a rich history, full of stories of courage, patience, compassion, and firm faith in  Allah. The syllabus covers Islamic history since the beginning of time, the Golden Age of Islam, and recent historical events. It includes the stories of Prophet PBUH and SahabaproperlyIt. This course aims to instill a sense of pride and joy among the students when they think about their religion.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

  • Basic/in-depth knowledge of Aqidah
  • Basic/in-depth knowledge of Fiqh
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Hadith
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Islamic history


Islamic Studies course is taught by our esteemed teachers who take pride in imparting Islamic knowledge with sincerity and earnestness. They hold Ijazaah from Al-Azhar University and are equipped with proper course material and teaching methods. Their rich understanding helps to contextualize historical events and other parts of the syllabus.