Best Qari' of Quran

The best reciters of Quran in Islamic world

A Qari’ means in Arabic language ” the one who recites Qur’an with proper Tajweed rules and nice voice”. Its plural in Arabic is (“qurraa” قراء). To be a Qari’, you do not need to memorize the Quran but, it is preferred. The quadrumvirate of Abdul-Basit, El Minshawy, Mustafa Ismail, and Al-Hussary are considered according to most of Islamic world the most famous reciters of modern times as they had a great influence on the Islamic world. Here is a list of the pioneering reciters of the Quran.

Best reciters of Quran


  • Muhammad ibn Tayfour Sajawandi (died at 560 Ah).                                                                                                                                                                                                     He is  known for his contributions to the Islamic science of Recitation and Tajweed, creating a set of rules and markers used to indicate the pronunciation and pauses of Quranic recital, known as Sajawandi stop signs or Rumuz al-Awqaf as-Sajāwandīy                                                         


In Egypt, the senior reader of Quran is known as Shaykh al-Maqari which means the head of reciting schools.

-you can listen to a sample of recitation of every Qari’ by clicking on their names.


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Saudi reciters

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This is all the names of Qurraa we managed to collect in this list. undoubtedly, there are a lot of other great reciters. If you would like to recite Quran beautifully and smoothly with proper Tajweed rules like these reciters, join our Tajweed course through this link

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